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Founded in 2003 and based in La Chaux-de-Fonds - Switzerland,

Mecatix is a company specialising in mechanical motion - from development to production

For 11 years Mecatix has developed and produced many types of mechanisms and power transmissions. Addressing any demand of the market, we made a huge quantity of customized product as well as catalogue products.
We offer a range of planetary, spur and linear gearboxes and also "complete solution" series of Gearhead with motors.
Our application areas can be found everywhere a precise movement is needed, such as: Medical - Security - Optics - Industrial Automation - Hand tools and many others.
Today, we offer a range of standard gearboxes catalog products (about 30 % of our production) which are mostly sold by our distributors... But our real strength (70%) is in the development and industrialization / manufacture of customized products, developed for specific application.
We have adopted solid and simple process to avoid any artisanal behaviour to all our department.
Mecatix have: A professional team with experience in design, and industrial expert production Manufacturing facility of 2'000 m² Flexible capacity Large capability for industrialization.
Mecatix concept: (Our way of working) Lean approach, focus on the customer's product and market MX know-how is to highlight our customer's skills. Strong ability to work in synergy with our partners/customers following strict planning and strict process. Make the best products to ensure that our customers have the best motion.

  Not look to see what product fit best on an application BUT make it fit exactly  

Mecatix SA, Rue Jardinière 149a, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds - CH
Phone: +41 32 968 968 0 // Fax: +41 32 922 66 73