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Mecatix Quality

ROHS / REACH / Packaging

In accordance with standard ISO 9001

Receiving Inspection

Final Inspection

The goal of the Quality department is to achieve ongoing improvement within the company.
We work in compliance with all recognized standards and certifications in force.

MECATIX Certification:

- ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

- REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals)

- Recycling of packaging


All components entering the company pass through our Inspection department.
Mecatix uses a sampling system meeting the requirements of standard ISO 9001.
Besides the full range of conventional inspection tools, we have the following equipment at our disposal:

- Optical overhead projector camera, for making comparisons with technical drawings. Zoom-in up to 3000X (0.001 mm)

- Fi measuring apparatus (teeth-to-teeth errors)

- Hardness measuring apparatus

- Gauging bench

- Various plug, ring, thread gauges...

All these instruments enable us to efficiently measure the conformity of the products.


The quality of our products is an integral part of our production system.
Mecatix assembles components by applying manufacturing procedures during which various checks and tests are conducted.

Final inspection is performed at the end of production according to AQL (Acceptance Quality Level).

Upon request from the customer, a test protocol can be supplied.

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