Preserve nature without compromise

Why bees you ask ?


At Mecatix, we have recently reconnected with nature in a meaningful way.

Beyond our regular operations, we have made a conscious decision to bring the wonders of bees and honey into our lives, and we’re passionate about sharing this journey to inspire others.

Bees in Motion

To achieve this, we have partnered with Guillaume Debieux, who has been fascinated with beekeeping since his teenage years.

To ensure proper training and techniques, he attended beekeeping federation courses to become an experienced apiculturist.

As a Société d’Apiculture de la Chaux-de-Fonds et Surroundings member and a honey inspector for the Apisuisse gold label, he practices beekeeping with sincerity using gentle methods. He currently manages fifteen bee colonies in two locations and aims to become a beekeeping advisor.

If you’re thinking about beekeeping, he strongly suggests it as a fulfilling experience that can provide a great sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Guillaume Debieux : beekeeper that produces Mecatix honey

– Raise awareness –

The incredible world of bees and honey

It is important to acknowledge and appreciate the diligent efforts of bees in producing delectable honey.
Please check out the following links from the experts:

By rediscovering the beauty of nature through bees and honey,
we hope to positively impact the environment
and inspire others to appreciate and respect the many natural wonders around us.