Personalise Without Compromise

Design & Engineering
We push the limits to get to the heart of the matter and
design small custom gearbox solutions from ideation to
final product for your specific needs.

Prototyping & Testing
We make your concept a reality through fast and simple
prototyping and testing that saves you time and money.

Production & Manufacturing
We ensure all processes are in accordance with the
highest quality requirements to make sure you have the
exact fit and high performance product.

Project Management
We manage your projects efficiently and transparently to
bring you successful implementation while providing you
with peace of mind throughout the process.

Small personalised (custom) gearboxes using any kind of
Belt Bevel Helical Linear
Linear Planetary Rack
Screw Spur Wave

Our core competence is mechanical motion systems. We
have a global and wide network of business partners who
help us go beyond the status quo by providing motors,
drivers, and much more.