We, at Mecatix, identify the real situation and needs of the customer to deliver the best custom, mechanical-motion solution that is unlike any other.


Custom Gearbox

We provide a personalised solution to overcome any challenge.

It starts with the customer’s idea. We determine what the specific and measurable result is that they’re seeking. With every project, we define and analyse the needs, application, timing, and quantity. By the end, we deliver an exact fitting gearbox that’s ready to use.

Mecatix Service 01
Mecatix Service 01
Mecatix Service 01
Mecatix Service 01


One Stop Shop


We provide a personalised solution from ideation to final product.

Mecatix has the brain trust and expertise under one roof. From start to finish, our streamlined services provide a holistic understanding of the overall process. This approach is vital to ensure clear communication between Mecatix and our customers. We foster innovative solutions, generate accurate specifications, conduct prototype design feasibility testing, final tooling, series production, and ultimately mass production consisting of final inspection, statistics, and lifecycle testing with collaborative validation stages between Mecatix and the customer. Our high standard of quality systems guarantee product reliability.

Design engineering - Mecatix

Design & Engineering

We push the limits to get to the heart of the matter and design small custom gearbox solutions from ideation to final product for your specific needs.
Design engineering - Mecatix

Prototype and Testing

We make your concept a reality through fast and simple prototyping and testing that saves you time and money.
Mass Manufacturing

Mass Production

We ensure all processes are in accordance with the highest quality requirements to make sure you have the exact fit and high-performance product.


Peace of Mind

We provide a personalised solution that alleviates your stress.

We alleviate your stress through exceptional project management. We reduce uncertainties and effectively discern potential risks. We provide consistent and clear communication. We’re flexible. Our comprehensive experience overcomes potential issues with planning, blind spots or lack of information. We manage the entire process so that you don’t have to.

Project Management

Project Management

We manage your projects efficiently and transparently to bring you successful implementation while providing you with peace of mind throughout the process.


Our core competence is mechanical motion systems. We have a global and wide network of business partners who help us go beyond the status quo by providing motors, drivers, and much more.



We provide a personalised solution that realises underlying opportunities.

Working with diverse industries fosters innovative solutions. It helps us continuously introduce another perspective to our customers that will always help them create something revolutionary and find the optimal solution they may never have thought of themselves.



Consumer Products


Hand Tools

Industrial Automation


Musical Instruments


Laboratory Equipment



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